Friday, September 04, 2015

The man PAP feared

Day 2 of the rally is all about Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Everyone be it PAP supporters or not should listen to this man.

He don’t sound like a mad man as what PAP want everyone think he is. 

In fact after hearing his speech you can understand why PAP want to keep him out of parliament.

In days where there is no such thing as social medias, the PAP has full control over SPH and the TV stations.

They tried very hard to make people think Dr Chee is a troublemaker and a mad man.

I have to admit that I once really though he is crazy.

But thanks to social media, about 6 or 7 years back, I started to read more about Dr Chee and actually I found out he is actually a very intelligent and logical man.

You got to give it to him for the courage he has for standing up to his belief after so many years of shits PAP thrown at him. Even till today they are attacking his character rather than his policies.

I am happy to see him back in the GE.

I am also happy that many of my friends who though he is crazy before GE2015 all agreed that this man is of substance and not so crazy after all.