Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day 1 of Rally. PAP nothing new to say....

First day of the Rally is over.

As usual Worker Party’s rally is always crowded. 

It’s the only time where people can listen without censorship.

PAP rally is always well organised. I think even the crowd are organised by their grassroots with free buses ferrying them to the rally site and back home.

Work Party’s crowd came from all over Singapore, paid for their own transport and bought their own dinner just to show their support for the party.

Can almost hear them saying to PAP “We don’t need your goodies to listen to your craps.”

As expected PAP still is harping on AHPETC issues and yes still LKY. 

Heck even the PM who is running for the whole county was at PAP rally last night taking up at least a third of the time allocated.

He spoke at length about integrity of candidates and also on getting the right candidates with heart and integrity is important to the country and its people.

Hey I totally agreed to this but not only PAP candidates are as above. In fact many opposition candidates are as good as if not better than many PAP candidates.

Some of my favourite quotes of the night:

"When somebody pushes you around, you must fight back or else the bully will keep pushing you around." – WP Yee Jenn Jong

"I guess fixing the Opposition is more important to the PAP than fixing the SMRT, the hospital bed shortage, and improving the Singaporean core in our workforce." – WP Png Eng Huat.

If you read today papers and Shamugan has join the in AHPETC issue. Gosh guess all PAP candidates must say something about this.

Oh come on! 

Please focus on telling me what your plan for our woes is and stop putting other down to make yourself less stupid.