Monday, August 06, 2007

My 2nd Letter to SBS today

With regard to your computer generated replies:

"Our Ref:2007/Jul/0463 Toll-free: 1800-287 2727 Mainline: 6284-8866 Fax: 6282-5204 Website: <>


Dear Mr Lee

Please refer to your feedback regarding Service 89.

2 We are sorry to learn of the inconvenience caused while waiting for this service.

3 The Manager has noted your concern on the frequency of the service and is monitoring the situation closely. Rest assured that, where it is within our control, we will ensure that buses arrive at regular intervals.

4 Bus captains have also been reminded to try their best to adhere strictly to their time schedules to ensure service reliability.

5 Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely
Tang May Mayfor Deputy DirectorCorporate CommunicationsSBS Transit Ltd"

The service level of Service 89 had not show significant improvement.

Between 0740 and 0810 today there are 3 buses of which 2 are single deck with people standing at the step of the front door when the buses arrived at Bus stop 77019.

Again please response to my query as per my pervious feedback letter.

Please published the time table for service No.89 as this was no where to be found on your website.

Please explain why single deck buses are used during peak hour.

Please advice is a wait of 45min at peak hour for a passenger within SBS transit KPI.

I hope SBS transit will show some sincerity by replying the letter without using the standard template.


Mr & Mrs Chan said...

so have they replied you already? always give standard answers wan lah....its normal wat...SBS will tell u that u pay $1 take the bus still want to complain here complain there. They will tell you you think this one is chaffeur service isit? u pay $1 so just wait for the bus, they will say. My bus still got aircon and tv, so dun complain so much. If I send out all my double decker bus, then what do i do with all my single deck bus? Let it rot in the bus interchange isit? Then does this mean i got to invest in more double deck buses just to cater for the peak period? Of course not, I will take into account of the whole day's service and buy my number of single and double deck buses accordingly. If you got a problem with the peak hours, then dun take the bus during the peak hours and take it during the non-peak hours...nobody is stopping you....

Mr & Mrs Chan said...

by the way, dun think that just because you complain to me, I will give u vouchers or anything hor as if u are a SIA passenger...sorry hor, u pay only $1, so cannot afford any vouchers....

Balonglong said...

err by the way.. bus fare increase soon... and by the way, they will say gov already say we WORLD CLASS TRANSPORT. how to improve somemore..