Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SBS Response to my 2nd Letter

Yesterday I received the reply.

Well you read and tell me how sincere is it....haha...

Look like a template response, I wonder how much they pay Tang May May.

Dear Mr Sir

Please refer to the feedback received on 13 August 2007.2

2.We regret to learn of the inconvenience you experienced while using Service 89.

3 Although our records revealed that our capacity provision is adequate to meet demand, we will remind our despatcher to ensure both the runs and bus types are according to schedule. We will also remind our bus captains to advise passengers to move to the rear when space are available so other passengers at the bus stop can board the bus.

4 We have noted your suggestion to publish the time table of Service 89 and will review the matter for future planning.

5 We apologized for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your feedback.

Yours sincerely
Tang May May for
Deputy DirectorCorporate CommunicationsSBS Transit Lt

SBS replied on 13th July:

1.Please refer to your feedback regarding Service 89.

2.We are sorry to learn of the inconvenience caused while waiting for this service.

3. The Manager has noted your concern on the frequency of the service and is monitoring the situation closely. Rest assured that, where it is within our control, we will ensure that buses arrive at regular intervals.

4. Bus captains have also been reminded to try their best to adhere strictly to their time schedules to ensure service reliability.

5. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely
Tang May May for
Deputy DirectorCorporate CommunicationsS
SBS Transit Ltd

Note the similarity between the 2 letters.

They are all summed up within FIVE points.

Also note point 2 for both letter are 99% the sane! This prove that it is a standared template. Well at least Tang May May borther to type in "89" in her 2nd letter.

Point 1 - They will acknowledge your letter.
Point 2 - They apologise
Point 3 and 4 - They pacify you and tell you they will do what they can.
Point 5 - The thank you.

This kinda stadard and the still dare to increase the bloody fares.

Can even response to a feedback sincerely.



FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Aiya! Give them a break lah... They got template style response because they got tons of feedback (complains) mah.. if she give you good letter then she might need to wait till next year then can reply you.. kekeke

anyway, important thing is did the service improved anot? If not... then feedback some more until they give in.. :D

HH said...

Er... so the root cause for such a poor reply is they got TONS of complains? Haha... so they should wonder why they have tons of complains in the 1st place.

The bus service is irractic. I would say 2 days out of the week the timing is all screwed up. I guess they try to cut back 10%.

Say you normally have 10 bus a day.

To save cost you try to operate with 9 buses. But you scare people complain. So you only operate with 9 buses on Tuesday and Thursday and the rest of the week you still operate with 10 buses.

Try to "smoothen" the reduction and hope people don't notice.

Also forgot to point out the stupid SBS rather spend money to set up the GPS system for "selected" bus stops in town to show off rather the sovle the main problem of bus shortages.


Balonglong said...

hahaha.. Agree with the 2 comment.. its like the govern tel hot line, u call to complain, they let u wait, till they cut off the line. Then they can very proudly say there service is top class. Cos no complain.. NB Tactic.. nothing to say!

没话讲! Mr Ba Long Long