Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gracious Society? Fat hope!

I went to IKEA Tampines for Dinner yesterday.

For those who don’t know, IKEA restaurant have this policy of you clearing your own utensils after your meal. But obviously it is difficult for it to work in Singapore.

When I used to dine in IKEA, be it Alexandra or Tampines, I would say maybe 2/10 joker usually leave their mess behind.

But the situation had gone to a point of no return.

Yesterday I noticed the restaurant's tables were full of leftovers, not only that, those idiots seem to be in the competition to see who can make the biggest mess during their meals. I really pity the 2-3 cleaners who were busy clearing up the mess.

Also many parents treat the place like a big playground for their kids.

I don’t mind if the kids play in the corners but these brats were like running all over the store screaming at the top of their voice.

I think the words “Gracious” and “Considerate” are already missing in our National vocabulary.

The kid’s behaviors in the stores are the results of the adult behaviors in the restaurants.

This is indeed very sad.

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Balonglong said...

“Gracious” and “Considerate”... err not easy la.. or can say wait long long.. what we can do is to teach our
next generation to be “Gracious” and “Considerate” for this generation or older 1.. I can say.. 难