Friday, January 04, 2008

Why our public transport are hopless?

I think I finally know why our public transport are so screwed up.

Let see what the PTC suppose to do:

The Public Transport Council (PTC) is an independent body that regulates bus services, public transport fares and ticket payment services. It is constituted under the Public Transport Council Act (Cap 259B), which was brought into force on 14 August 1987. As an independent regulator, the PTC is entrusted with the challenging mission of both safeguarding the interest of the public and ensuring the long-term viability of public transport operators. It aims to strike an optimum balance between the two and, on this basis, seeks to:
  • Create a comprehensive and integrated bus network;
  • Assure quality bus services;
  • Maintain affordable bus and train fares for the public; and
  • Safeguard public interest in the mode of payment of fares.

Look who are the council members for Public Transport Council!!

I seriously doubt the claims. “Many of the Council Members are regular users of public transport…..”

Council Members were appointed on the basis of their competency, good public standing and experience, especially their ability to contribute effectively to PTC's deliberations on issues relating to public transport. They are drawn from a wide cross-section of society including:

  • professional services
  • business enterprises
  • academic institutions
  • labour unions
  • grassroots organisations

Many of the Council Members are regular users of public transport and all are familiar with the operations of the public transport system both locally and overseas.

The composition of the Council facilitates a wide representation of views from the public. It enables PTC's deliberations to be comprehensive and rigorous, taking into full account of the diverse technical, economic, financial and social perspectives. This ensures that decisions made are robust, balanced and readily acceptable to the public.

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