Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to be the best school in Singapore

Recently these became the talking point:

ST Jan 12, 2008
Sec 5 class advised: Go to ITE insteadPrincipal tells students that they are unlikely to do well at O levels
By Sandra Davie

ST Jan 16, 2008Principal's 'wake-up call' to Sec 5 students had to be 'conveyed'
By Jane Ng

So we see the flaw of KPI and school rankings.

Every principle had change from an educator to a businessman who is watching his/her school-passing rate like no other business.

Who can blame them when or MOE are using this to rank our schools. (Why the hell they rank schools in the first place???!!)

Actually its not too difficult to be the best or worst school in Singapore.

You just need to enroll ONE student. Yes ONE.

So if he do really good say 9 As for his O-level.

Then your school become “100% passed with 9As”.

Sound good? Better if he represent his school in some sports and win.

“100% student represent Singapore in SEA games” or “100% student win gold medals in Nationals School Swimming meet”

But you have to make sure he is a good student else you get.

“100% student fail O-level”

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