Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year SBS!

Look like some things just don't change.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the 3rd time I am writing to SBS Transit within 6 months.

I last written to you in July and Aug 2007 in regard to the service standard of Service 89 at Pasir Ris during morning peak hour.

The load factor and schedule of Service 89 seem to fluctuate randomly. For the pass few months, the load factor and frequency are still acceptable. Just when I am about to comment that SBS really do take public feedbacks seriously thing starts to deteriorate.

Today, again at Bus stop 77019, I missed a Service 89 at 0800hrs. In the end, I have to wait till about 0826 for the next bus.

Is close to 30min waiting time acceptable to SBS transit?

Please provide your schedule for Service 89 which you failed to provide for when I asked in my previous two emails.

Under Public Transport Council guideline on Quality of Bus service standards item :

4.4 Bus service scheduled headways (frequencies):

a) At least 80% of bus services to operate at headway of not more than 15 minutes (to be changed to 10 minutes with effect from Aug 2009) during weekday (excluding public holidays) peak periods, unless otherwise stipulated by the PTC

Under you Customer Service Charter for Buses:

“Availability: Waiting time for 75% of bus services to be within 15min and 80% to be within 20min during peak hour”.

From my personal experience, it look like SBS transit need to be constantly reminded on its real service standard from the public.

I do not sense any sincerity for SBS Transit to provide quality services to your customer as promised by your service charter.

I hope you will be looking into the matter seriously and I look forward to your prompt response.

Please do show some sincerity by not sending my a template replies as per your previous two responses.


Balonglong said...

Mr Javert's World,

I am sad tat till now.. they have not reply me on the bus 24 leaking during raining day... I also ask them for bus maintenance schedule, how long they did it???? but... i still waiting for our world class transport
to reply....

Mr Ba Long Long

HH said...

I am sad as well.. Today I receive a reply from SBS that my feedback was forwarded to the route manager for investigation.

Let see what will happen.