Monday, March 07, 2011

A fake fake world

I don’t know whether is me being sensitive or not but suddenly I notice a surge in air-time by our Ministers.

Hsien Loong was busy with some events on Saturday and Sunday and Teo Chee Hien was in some opening ceremony on Saturday.

Gosh I swore I never seen the Ministers or MPs work so hard in the pass 4 years. So its like you skived in your company for 11 months and suddenly power up in the month before your appraisal is due by going into overdrive and hopefully your boss will notice your “Hard work”.

In a way it is quire true as I attended a course which states people always remember the beginnings and the ends and nothing in-between.

Today I heard a type of laugh when the big boss tried to crake some joke. It is a kind of spontaneous laugh where everyone suddenly burst out when the boss hit the punch line and it died down quite fast as well.

Gosh this sound so fake and sickening and I remember hearing it around the Minister over the weekend.