Thursday, March 31, 2011

GRC sucks!

Just came back from my wonderful holiday in Seoul. Anywhere out of Singapore is heaven to me.

When I surfed around the net after I came back I noticed lots of activities and comments against the PAP newbies.

This proved to me that there are no shortages of underlying hatres against the ruling party. I just can’t help to think what is the percentage of Singaporean that are really love with PAP, hardcore hate them, don’t like but afraid to vote against and finally those who simply bochap.

To be honest I think each politician should be represent himself/herself when he or she is standing for election. No cheapskate should piggy back on to some established politician in a GRC and get a free ride into the parliament where we have to pay them tax payer money.

In another word, GRC sucks!

Let say there are 6 persons in the GRC and you only like one or two. Note this goes both way with PAP and opposition. How are you going to vote? You may like person A and B in PAP team and person C and D in the opposition team.

For me I just won’t vote for someone who has not proven him or herself nor anyone I don’t like. Period!