Friday, March 11, 2011

A Strong Reminder

A couple of day ago I received this 31 pages high quality super colorful brochure from my town council.

Basically it’s all self praising messages inside. A sort of report cards reminding people in the GRC what the incumbent had done for you over the last 5 years. Naming all the new Malls, parks upgrading, roads, etc etc and many more upcoming projects.

Inside there are many pictures featuring in lots of activities surrounded by lots of people and I swore I never seen so many happy faces in my life.

There are also many comments from the residents and needless to say they are all happy.

I wonder where they find these people when they wanted comments. Probably they are RC members or relative of RC members I guess.

Over the years I had several complaints regarding the cleanliness of my estates and to date the situation still has not improved. Also I have witness many close shaves involving cyclist on walkways with pedestrians. It is illegal but somehow I have never seen a law enforcer in my entire stay in Pasir Ris.

I can’t help to wonder how much money used to publish this propaganda brochure and they should use the money to hire more cleaners instead. I note they have about $116 million in their sinking fund base on their 09/10 annual reports. Gosh that’s lots of fat if you ask me.

So did they did a good job in the last 5 years? Everyone will have their own views and I don’t believe a last minute effort of an expensive colorful brochure will change a person mind.

I can sense a tingle of fear from the incumbent this time.