Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Easy solution that don't deserve million dollars pay checks.

Low fertility rate, no in-migration will lead to S'pore's population decline
07 September 2011

SINGAPORE: Singapore's resident population will decline and become extremely aged if the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is extremely low and if there is no in-migration.

This is according to a landmark study on future population growth and change for Singapore published on Wednesday by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS).

The IPS study started in 2007 worked with different scenarios - of constant low fertility with no immigrants, with 30,000 immigrants and 60,000 immigrants.

The study says with TFR at 1.24 births per woman and zero net migration, Singapore's population will decline to 3.03 million in 2050.

With 30,000 migrants added annually, the population projection is 4.89 million in 2050.

And with 60,000 migrants added annually, population projection is 6.76 million in 2050.

The study also looked at a situation where TFR can be raised to 1.85 births per woman by 2025 with no new immigration.

With such a scenario, the study says population size can still only hit 3.37 million in 2050.

If fertility rate remains low, the study also projected that there will be fewer young people in Singapore.

The number of young people under 14 years of age will go down by more than half from 699,000 in 2005 to 274,400 by 2050.

This report has no value. It is just another piece of propaganda by the incumbent to strike fear by announcing our population will be extremely aged if there is no migrants.

So what if its so?

Economy slowing down? Less progress?

I would gladly give these up for a better quality of life.

We were at 2 millions before and we did quite well.

So who is getting the benefit from the influx of migrant? The government no doubt.

Wealth is not equally distributed in this country. The government and elites only want you and me to work long hours, squeeze into smaller buses and train so to generate more profit for them.

If we are facing ageing problem, the government should look into the root cause.

They should ask themselves why we are not producing but instead they choose to do the easy way by letting in migrant. Don’t forget they age as well and will contribute to the ageing population in the future. So what to do then? Let in more migrants?

This is a good example of overpaid idiots doing a crab job and they still dare to talk about unity.