Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Father's life is good, it will too be for son.

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim's son will serve NS
His press secretary confirmed on Monday that the minister's son will serve NS.

Tue, Sep 06, 2011

SINGAPORE - Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, the Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, has refuted online speculation that his son will not serve National Service (NS).

Dr Yaacob's 16-year-old son carries dual citizenship in Singapore and the United States. He was issued US citizenship as his mother is an American citizen by birth.

The issue of his son's citizenship was made public when a leaked US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks identified the minister's two children as US citizens.

It then made its way into online forums where some netizens speculated that Dr Yaacob's son will not serve NS. Other netizens called for Dr Yaacob to clarify the matter.

Dr Yaacob's press secretary confirmed yesterday that the minister's son will serve NS just as his father did.

Seem like Yaacob is fast becoming the Minister of the month after Vivian in May.

Well I agreed with him this time that people should leave his private life out of the picture as “innocent” teenager has been targeted because daddy is not very popular.

However we should also asked ourselves why there are so much critics and why are Singaporean has so much dissent towards the Elites and PAP?

It is because the Elites has been abusing their power, pulling string and get their relative into favourable positions.

I believe Yaccob’s son will serve his NS and take up Singapore citizenship in the first place.

Hey why not since Daddy is a demi-god in this country and your place in university and the government sectors are all secured!

Lift is good here! While back in US where you are just a nobody.

Then again I am sure Yaccob’s son name is already on MINDEF white horse list.

I bet he will have a great time serving his nation, becoming either an officer, clerk with a 9-5 job or maybe a sergeant working as a defence scientist!