Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Hero who I think worth more then the whole cabinets.

I happened to catch Tuesday Report on Channel 8 yesterday.

It was the last episode of the “Who is my Neighbour” series.

It feature Mr Foo Chee Tun who had been giving free tuitions at void deck to family for need help for the past 20 years.

His did not seek any help from any organisation nor did he seek any form of recognition. He selflessly gave up his time and money simply to help others.

There were times why jealous people broke the light at the void deck trying to prevent him from teaching but he went bought batteries powered lights to teach in the dark.

This guys is a hero man!

He should be given PBM or BBM.

I still wonder why these national awards are given to people who organise function for the MP and Minister instead of people like Mr Koh who quietly help others shying away from fames which so many jokers yearn for.

Sad country.

Try to catch this episode on XINMSN if you have missed it, it really shows the human spirits.