Monday, August 13, 2012

Reasons for not having children in Singapore

1. I am not able to commit 100% of my life to the kids.

If you can’t spend time with your children then please do them a favour and not have any. I have seen people have kids just for the sake of having kids. They don’t spend time with them. Don’t educate them. Don’t play with them. They just dumped them to the maid and this is very wrong.

The kids will just ends up as social pests and make other Singaporean life like shits.

2. Singapore is an expensive place and not pro-family.

Imagine the cost of houses, public transports, education. We need to have 2 working parents to support a family in Singapore these days. Not to mention a high stress working environment, long working hours, MOM rule don’t even protect graduate mothers which were forced to leave the companies when they are pregnant.

We are constantly competing with cheap foreign workers and the government only give lips service or “baby bonus” without solving the root cause. Singapore needs a pro family society.

3. Education in Singapore is ridiculous.

I remember the time where I actually enjoy going to school. We study and play. Nowadays the kids have no time to play.

Parents are crazy, kiasu and mad. They start to educate the kids while they are still in the womb! Then send them for pre-school at 1 year old! Holy shit! The kids’ childhood are being robbed even before they are born.

Besides going to “branded” school, you are seen as a failure if your grad is no good. Therefore parents are spending billions on tuitions every year. Where are the funs of learning? It’s all competition these days. No wonder tuitions centres are earning big bucks these days. They prey on the parent’s kiasuism