Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dumb Mother and Son

Teacher cuts pupil's hair, mum files police report
ST ONLINE 23 Aug 2012

A mother has lodged a police report after her 12-year-old son's teacher cut his hair an hour before his PSLE oral exam last Thursday.

The mother, Madam Serene Ong, is outraged that the teacher did this just before a crucial exam, that it was done without her knowledge - and that it ruined the boy's $60 haircut.

She claimed the teacher - Ms Belinda Cheng of Unity Primary - also threatened to deduct marks from the boy's exam if he refused to have his hair cut.

On Wednesday, the school's principal, Mrs Jasmail Singh Gill, agreed with Madam Ong that the teacher had no business cutting the boy's hair.

Ok I admit it is not the teacher business to cut the boy hair. She should just refer him to the school dicipline master and maybe this bloody Ryan missed his PSLE exam.

The paper did not report what really happend before the teacher cut the bloody kid's hair. Maybe he was challenging the teacher? Maybe he was showing off his $60 hair cut?

Look at this stupid Ryan, if I am the teacher I will give him a few tight slaps, so there is a reason why I am not a teacher. He look like a bloody cock and dear Susan, you wasted your $60.

The article points out the social problem of Singapore, we are all too self centered.

Ryan only care about his hair, although we don't know what happened in school before the exam so we cannot comment much.

Susan felt the teacher ruined her son $60 and may have caused him failed his PSLE (Which I think he will), and not doing what most parents will do, that is to report to the school principal, but she felt it was so important and dangerous that she has to make a police report. Poor policeman, I wonder what they want to charge the teacher for? Maybe they will give her a award!