Monday, August 27, 2012

Same man, Same Speech, No Solution and he is on every channels!

I tried to watch the PM rally yesterday; actually it was quite easy as every channels on TV are showing it. I really make me wonder the logic behind it?

As usual, the same old stuff.

I didn’t really paid 100% attention to him (not like those at the auditorium who spontaneously break into laughter at every punch lines PM said) so these are some points I caught.

Hsien Loong as usual started off threatening us, telling us the world is in deep shit so you people have to keep your expectations low. Cost of living going up but not worry, his team are giving Singaporean lots of lots of helps but still no minimum wages.

He acknowledge there were shortage of pubic housing (he did not acknowledge is was a screwed up by his Minister a few years back), public transport are crowded so he is asking for Singaporean to be patient so his million dollars teams can come up with some long term solution hopefully before the next election.

Then he go on painting more dark pictures, telling us the world is not going to come out from the deep shit soon. So his team is asking you as a citizen to contribute to these million dollars Ministers who finally had learned to blogged, Twitter and are on Facebook. They want to engage Singaporean online! I guess he finally realised they cannot control the medial anymore.

Then again the talk about our need for foreigner and we need them for our country so we can have big bucks. We need to integrate with them and no worry his team will always give Singaporean first.

This is where my mind started drifting away.

But never mind, what Hsien Loong said is not much different from last year nor last last year.

He is telling us what problems Singaporeans are saying but again he did not offer any concrete solution. In fact, he is asking us to give him some solution.

This is a waste of time rally again.