Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Election over! We are back folks!

Chan Chun Sing, the Minister who never wins a single vote, is showing how stupid and disengaged he is by blabbering such nonsense.

Whenever his name came up, I forever have a picture of him taking over LKY bodyguard job during his speech on nomination day 2011.

He sure is one of the best ass kisser around.

Chan Chun Sing: Offer ideas, instead of attacking gov’t

MG Chan Chun Sing urged young people to ask themselves whether their ideas could move the country forward.

Should you see litter on the ground, you have three options, according to Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

Pick up the litter and throw it away, write to a government agency and complain that the foreign workers are not doing their jobs, or take a picture of the litter and post it on citizen journalism portal Stomp, declaring that "Singapore is a dirty place!"

What if you picked up the litter and there are 10000 more? What if you are charge $80 a month by the town council but only a small percentage of it go to the cleaner while the rest goes to the town council sinking fund where they happy used your money for investment and hold parties during Nation Day for VIP?

Explaining his analogy, Major-General Chan said the third option is to "tear down", the second to "outsource the problem" and the first is to "take charge of your destiny, control your environment".

I tried to take care of my destiny by voting you out. But you came up with the stupid GRC system to ensure people like Chan Chun Sing and Tin Pei Ling get to be Minister and MP.

It is the third option MG Chan recommended, reported The Sunday Times (ST).

He was speaking at a two-hour dialogue organised by the People's Action Party's youth wing, where MG Chan dealt with questions ranging from liberalising the rules on civil society to more transparency in managing the national reserves.

He urged the 100-odd young people present to ask themselves whether their ideas could move the country forward, rather than just "throw stones, cast doubt and tear down institutions", reported the paper.

Yeah you still have not answered the question. How much of our money are still in the reserves and how much GIC has lost over the years. Ordinary Singaporean the opposition parties has came up with some good ideas for making Singapore a better place buy what have you done to them? Police had harassed them. You already has the idea of “either you are with us or you are all against us”. Too proud to hear anything and only like to hear what you want to hear so how go give you suggestion?

Instances of youth energies being ill-utilised during the General Election saddened him, said the 42-year-old.

He said, "They were caught up in the heat of the moment, attacking the government or attacking the opposition. I want to know ... after you attack, do you have better ideas to bring the country forward?"

Did they attacked for the sake of attacking? Did you listen to what are they trying to say? Do you know these things may already been there long before the election and you only realised it during your campaign? Hell your PM even apologised and admitted some of you mistakes and even some senior MIW cried!

He repeated often his conviction that young people must ask less what the government can do for them and more what they can do for themselves, reported ST.

But you are paid a lot of money for doing nothing if everyone do the job for you Ah Chan.

MG Chan said he would rather see young people telling the government: I believe in this, give me some help and I will do it.

I believe many have tried and will still try but are you willing to listen? Ask yourself that.

When asked about the tenor of social media discourse in Singapore, MG Chan urged the audience to "go and reclaim the space for reasoned discussion" after only two people indicated they were proud of the discussion that dominates local cyberspace.

MG Chan also dealt with policy suggestions.

Asked why Singapore cannot have a welfare system like in Australia, he replied, "We can. But are you willing to pay for it?"

Will you accept an Australian MP salary?

He later told reporters he did not want to give the participants any solutions but to "work through the solutions with them so everybody understands the choices, the consequences the trade-offs".

Own self also don’t know what to do still dare to give lecture to the people.

"Even if they don't agree with a decision at a point in time, they will understand the considerations behind it. So in the future, when circumstances change, they are in a better position to make those new decisions."