Monday, July 11, 2011

Retired but still hanging around for the goodies.

Abdullah Tarmugi to lead delegation on visit to New Zealand
10 July 2011

SINGAPORE: Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, the Speaker of the last Parliament, will lead a four-member delegation on a visit to New Zealand from July 10 to 15, at the invitation of Dr Lockwood Smith, Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives.

Mr Abdullah will be accompanied by Members of Parliament Ms Ellen Lee, Mr Patrick Tay and Mr Vikram Nair. The delegation will visit Auckland and Wellington.

The Office of the Clerk of Parliament said the Singapore delegation will meet the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Defence and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to discuss bilateral matters.

It will also attend a parliament sitting at the New Zealand House of the Representatives and observe parliamentary proceedings.

The Singapore delegation will also be meeting overseas Singaporeans in New Zealand.

Correct me if I am wrong but I though this guy has retired? He even got a thank you note from PM.

So why is a “Speakers of the last Parliament” (Which did not participate in the last election) leading a team of MPs? Doesn’t sound right to me. Maybe the New Zealander Smith invited the speaker of parliament but since we still have no idea who will that be they just got the previous guy there.

It is OK if he is still the speakers but hey isn’t he suppose to be gone and enjoying his pension.

So now tax payers still have to feed this retired guy?

Come to think about it how come they still have not appointed the new speaker since Zainal has already lost.