Monday, July 11, 2011

The PAP endorsed one

Dr Tony Tan attends Peranakan 'wedding banquet'

DRESSED in a traditional Peranakan costume and sparkling jewels representing wealth and family status, the bride walks slowly swaying side to side to the music, accompanied by an elder woman who guides her on the strict wedding rituals.

The groom wears a Manchurian-style robe and holds a scholar's fan in one hand, fanning constantly as he walks down the aisle beside his bride, in front of more than 500 guests.

This is not an actual wedding but a celebration of the Peranakan Association's 111th anniversary.

Speaking at the event, guest of honour former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan said that the Peranakan culture is distinctive because of its ability to embrace other cultures and also its taste, beliefs, rituals and language that are a blend of Chinese, Malay and colonial British cultures.

I am curious on what capacity Tony is attending this function.

Technically he is jobless and his title is Ex-DPM, not even Emeritus. So how did he ends up as a VIP of the Peranakan’s clan.

Since Tony left the cabinet and became the GIC CEO he has been rather low profile and suddenly when he announced he is running for this year President Election we have this kind of report surfacing.

Indeed the spin doctor have started working.