Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry folks price has to go up else who paying my salary?

Government will improve bus, train service: PM Lee
By Zakir Hussain

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last night pledged that the Government will improve the public transport service year by year, even as debate over a possible fare hike heats up.

The Government will also make sure that any fare hikes are reasonable, justifiable and not excessive, Mr Lee said at a National Day celebration in his Teck Ghee ward.

'From time to time, fare increases cannot be helped,' he said. But there are many schemes to help those in need, he added.

Members of the public are unhappy that transport operators are seeking a fare increase even though problems of over-crowding and long waiting times for buses and trains persist.

Last night, Mr Lee said: 'We will raise service standards and progressively improve them year by year... whether it's waiting times, crowding, frequency of the train services, particularly at peak hours, this is something which we will see to and improve.'

Another source of public unhappiness is that transport operators SMRT and SBS Transit want to raise fares in spite of earning good profits.

This guy never failed to amaze me by keeping scoring own goals.

Like many have expressed. The fare hikes in public transport is not reasonable and not justifiable as over the years the operators profits has been high and the service standard is going down south.

Cut the crap bout schemes helping the poor, the elderly can’t even get discounted fair during peak hour and are limited to a number of trips per day. And yes helping the poor 10% by charging more from the 90% equal more profit for you. Bloody blood suckers!

Also these comments have no value coming from this joker who may have never taken public transport in his life.

What he know about crowded trains, long waiting time and buses that are so packed that you cannot get on?

Of cause he has to side SMRT and SBS Transit. After all they are paying lots of money to the government in taxes and therefore sustained their million dollar salaries.

So the Elites here are screwing the Peasants for their own wealth.

Well guess this guys has 4 more years to screw us thanks to those idiots who voted for him.