Friday, July 22, 2011

Underhand tactic by the Men In Whites

WP says 'no' to offices in void decks
It cites cost, uncertainty over what they can be used for among reasons
By Andrea Ong

THE Workers' Party (WP) will not be building offices in Housing Board (HDB) void decks for their Meet-the-People Sessions, turning down an offer from the HDB to rent such office space to them at the same rates it charges community organisations.

The WP cited as reasons for its decision, financial cost and uncertainty over what kind of community activities it would be allowed to hold in these offices, as the HDB requires that its consent be sought first for some activities.

The party also said that 'in view of the constant redrawing of electoral boundaries by the Government, the long-term viability of the construction of offices for WP MPs is open to question'.

The WP's decision yesterday comes two months after the HDB scrapped a 20-year-old policy that differentiated political parties from community organisations, with the latter paying lower rentals than the former.

With most People's Action Party (PAP) MPs holding their Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) in kindergartens run by the PAP Community Foundation (PCF), which is considered a community organisation, opposition parties often alleged that the HDB's policy discriminated against them.

(See how ST phrase this!)

Three weeks after the recent general election, HDB announced that political parties would now be charged the same rental rates as community organisations, at $1.50 per sq m per month.
(PAP MP got pay?)

I fully understand WP reason for not taking up the “offer” by HDB. Please read WP statement here.

Just like what they did to Mr Chiam, PAP is using their puppet HDB to make life difficult for elected opposition by denying them a dignified location to hold their MP session.

As we all know, PAP MP are using their MPS in those PAP kindergarden for free!

So may I ask our dear man in white, do people in Hougang, Potong Pasir and Aljunie pay different tax from people staying in Ang Mo Kio, Tanjong Pagar and Marine Parade? Are grocery and transport cheaper in these opposition wards? (Ok no grocery as they closed the NTUC in Hougang).

Why must opposition ELECTED MPs have to source for location to serve the people paying commercial rental while the incumbent MPs got it free or at a huge discount?

The MPS are for Singaporean no matter where they stay in.
To me, all MP should be given a proper office to hold their MPS no matter which party he/she from.

All these underhand tactic by the PAP not only shows that you are narrow minded but also trying to differentiate those that voted for you and those that did not.

This is no the way to win vote Dear Mr Lee. Please show some class, be more gracious, show some real sincerity and walk the ground more and I am sure you will win Singaporean over.

Till then, I can assure you you will lose some more parliament seats in 2016.