Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dae Jang Geum

Ok finally they starts showing Dae Jang Geum in Singapore on Channel U since this Tuesday. It will be show daily at 10pm from Monday to Firday.

Before that heared many friends got seriously hooked on this shows. Some watched it 5 times, some finish the whole series in 2 days! (Please note it is 54 episodes). Also the show had taken asia by storm!!!!

So being a curious cat, I managed to watch the 1st two episodes on Tuesday and Wedesday and hey man it is really quite good!

Daejanggeum is a historical TV drama set in the 16th century royal court of the Joseon dynasty and basically show how the main character Dae Jang Gueum (starring actress Lee Young-ae, what a babe) rose from an imperial cook to be a sucessful physician.

Again the show had boosted Korean Tourism, as fans from all over asia are storming to Korean to visit the sets and to try the food featured in the show.

Now I gotta beg my sister in law to lend me the DVDs and here comes sleepless nighs....


Mr & Mrs Chan said...

so good meh the show? okok...lend me leh when you finish...hehehe.

HH said...
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HH said...

Good lah good lah