Monday, March 13, 2006


Just came back from HK for a week long holiday. Took SQ flight to and fro.
Many of you many have notice that the standard of SQ stewardess are declining. (Or is it me only?)

Not only the appearance but personally I've realised the service level had gone down as well.

While on the flight back, when asked what would I like to drink with my meal, I asked for a CAN of coke. Instead, the stewardess gave me an empty cup and an opened can of coke which has content that is only enought to just filled up the bloody cup.

Geeze! Can they tell the different what is a CAN of Coke and a cup of coke with an empty can.

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Mr & Mrs Chan said...

yup!! the SQ cabin crew standard is really dropping. U better start writing some internal feedback to the cabin crew management to highlight the issue