Monday, March 27, 2006

New Toy

Finally got my new nano working yesterday after uploading hundred odd songs into it. So now I have joined the kazillion Apple's dudes in the world.

Looking at my new toy, it never amazed me how fast technologies had improved over the years. The Nano is a MP3 player with a flash memory so it stored digital sound with no moving parts. Therefore you can run and jump and do whatever thing with vigourous movement and you can still enjoy you favourite music will not any skippage.

I still remember I got my first Sony Walkman (Not the Sony HP) in 1991. If you can still remember, walkman are for cassette tape, these days you rarely see them in Singapore anymore. At that time you are deem to by cool with tiny headphone sticking out of you ears and singing Michael Jackson's Beat it!!

Then came the digital revolution! CDs are replacing Cassette tape and many teenagers are switching the entire LP or Cassette collections to DIGITAL Compact Discs! Soon portable CD players are replacing Walkman. I got mine in 1994.

So now 12 years and two CDs player later, I got my very first MP3 player. Looking back from the good old LP days, we certainly have come a long way. And I never stop wondering what will we be listening to in 10 years time.

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