Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What I found in my wallet

What you can find in ones wallet say a lot about the person, in short, your are either rich or poor...haa... No lah I think it can be quite interesting.

OK this is what I found in my 2000 Aigner wallet

1. $28 in notes and $2.30 in coins (Gosh I am broke!)
2. POSB ATM Card
3. ISETAN Debit Card
4. 3 Credit Cards
5. My IC
6. Driving Licence
7. CAAS and SQ Driving Licence
8. Cash Card
7. Photo of me and wife in Kyoto
8. My name card QTY 1
9. Couple of Credit Card and NETS receipts (Ok quite a lot!)
10. A Pendant of Virgin Mary and baby Jesue from Notre Dame

So whats in yours? : )


Mr & Mrs Chan said...

Mrs Chan writes:
Mine got a bunch of old receipts, 2 bucks and cards. I am much poorer than you! HAH!

HH said...

Mr Chan's wallet is quite fat leh

HH said...
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Mr & Mrs Chan said...

Mr Chan writes:
Yah, my wallet is very fat...it is the design of the wallet where there are like 1 additional slab for putting cards, which i dun use....guess mine is those pasar malam type of wallet wan....cheap and good...