Wednesday, March 22, 2006


As not many of you will know, I am a pretty good runner during my NS days. Needless to say my jogging standard has dropped ever since I RODed. But am still able to maintained a Silver Standard in my annual ICT.

Met up with my army buddies last week and boy they are a bunch of late bloomers. Most of them had taken up running as a past time and these 30 plus uncle are beating people 5-8 years their junior. Few of them are running daily clocking distance up to 10km each sessions.

Mind you these people can't run during their NS days and I used to beat them hands down, now I am really inspired to run my first 10km after such a long time. So yesterday evening I started to run around my estate. Did about 1.8 km in 15 min I think.

Felt a little short of breath the the beginning but on the whole it is quite enjoyable. ( At least now I don't feel like a bag of potatoes). Gotta increase my pace and distance in the coming week.


Mr & Mrs Chan said...

U run to my house and run back, just nice, think can cover abt 3km...When u are coming, let me know and i will throw some party poopers to encourage you....

HH said...