Thursday, March 02, 2006


Anyong Ha Sa yo!Ok ever since the Korean Drama craze started by the dear Bay Young Jun in Winter Sonata, Korea has become one of the most visited country by Singaporean, Malaysian, Taiwanese and Hong Kongers.

I have been to Korea twice. Nice food, beautiful country-side but boy, what a crowd in Seoul!
Personally I feel that there are more peopl in Seoul then anywhere else in the world, even Tokyo.

If you think Orchard Road on a Saturday afternoon is bad, wait till you go to Meong Dong (See pic). Also the Korean are a bit rought, being pushed and pushing in the crowd is a norm. I myself had clobbered a few guys and gals but they seem quite used to it. Something I like about Korea is that it is one of the cities that really never sleep. Shopping at Dongdamun is almost on for 24hours! Although most people that shop at night at distributor from all over the country.

Hey wait a minute! Where are the crowd that I've mentioned in the pic? Ok the picture was taken at 7am, guess the Korean are still in bed? Hee...

I still remember I am going for Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts... mm... can't find that in Singapore now.

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Mr & Mrs Chan said...

why the hell are u walking around on the streets at 7am?? Seems like you are the weird one..haha