Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Community Centers

One of a good thing about the block I stayed in is that there is a relatively new Community Center right in front of it.

Not that I am a avid user of its facilities,(I tried to book the badminton courts a few time but the number of activities they have there make my successful rates rather slim), but what make it interesting my GRC is using it as a home base for all sort of activities and my GRC Minister had his weekly meeting there.

So what I have observed.

My GRC’s Minister visits the CC a least once a week. He is being escorted by a white VOLVO XC 90 with has those stylo siren light fitted at the windscreen. If you look carefully, it even has a display sign at the rear with read “POLICE KEEP CLEAR”. Gosh so you can’t ask them for help if you are being robbed. (PS: Not bad leh, can drive VOLVO XC90 when you are on duty.)

How you know if your Minister is visiting today?

Easy, you can see a marked police car with a couple of policemen there to secure the ground before the Minister entourage arrive. This is not enough; there is also a member of the plain cloth bodyguard there to secure the secured ground. I think they are quite poor thing as I witness one of the bodyguard munching his dinner while keep a look out for the VIP entourage.

When the Minister drive into the CC compound, the police or bodyguard will block off all pedestrian and a throng of grass-root members will appear out of no where and to welcome him.

There used to be a big grass patch next to the CC, but hey had expanded the CC ground by constructing a large multipurpose concrete ground with super lightings over it.

People used it for their weekly CC activities, Taichi, wushu, aikido,Tae Kwan Do and not to forget the yearly Grassroot’s , CNY Dinner, Mooncake Festival Dinner, National Day’s dinner etc etc. It can even double up as a car park when there are some special events.

It quite interesting to stay near a Community Center, I used to stayed in front of another one when I was young. But strangely I barely used the facilities in this 2 CC. In-fact I think I only used them 2-3 times in my life.

I think the facilities in my CC now cater more to the children.

Lots of enrichment classes and activities for kids.

Think kids has no more time to catching spider or play catching these days.

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