Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Luggage

My new luggage! Remowa Topas 4 wheels. Delivered on Saturday after much drama.

I think the delivery service in Singapore sucks and is just plain stupid.

They only can do delivery from 10am – 6 pm, from Monday to Saturday and you can only specify whether you want them to come in the morning, 10am – 1pm, or in the afternoon, 2pm – 6pm.
They can’t even offer you an estimated time and you just have to stay at home either in the morning or afternoon just to wait for your deliveries.

So if you are a working adult, there is just no way you can get your deliveries done on Monday to Friday.
Come on lah! What kind of crap company is this when they only work during office hours when most people are, well, still IN THE OFFICE?

So you only left with Saturday, and you have to stay at home either in the morning or afternoon to wait for your deliveries. Needest to say, I bet Saturdays are their busiest days.
They should just work from 2pm - 8pm from Monday to Friday and with this I think they can even affort to work only half a day on Saturdays.

This has already made me think twice before buying anything from Takashimaya again.

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The Chansters said...

Woaa..your luggage if throw at people can kill wan leh.