Thursday, March 19, 2009

How dumb our law is.

ST March 19, 2009

Phone threats a non-seizable offence

WE REFER to Madam Tan Lian Gim's letter, 'No action on phone threat' (March 11). Under the law, verbal threat is a non-seizable offence where the police have limited powers of investigation and arrests.

Nonetheless, when a report is made, the police will look into the facts and if no aggravating factor is found, the police will advise the complainant to lodge a complaint before a magistrate, who has the power to direct further action as provided under the law.

The magistrate can direct the police to lawfully investigate the case and take further action where appropriate.

In Madam Tan's case, the police had found no aggravating factor and Madam Tan's husband was thus advised to lodge a magistrate's complaint accordingly.

DSP Paul Tay,
Assistant Director, Media Relations,
Singapore Police Force

This is another case of how stupid Singapore Law is.

The police simply try not to do anything at all.

The question is will the Police still give this kind of attitude if the person being threatened is a MP, Minister or the 3 wise men themselves?

So theoretically I can call someone in the middle of the night, verbally threatened them in a polite and none aggravating tone and then apologized.

The police cannot do anything to me. (But to make sure, you call someone who is poor so he cannot hired a lawyer to sue you, see the law protect the rich)

Else you will end up in court like him.

Geez….. Think the police do a better job in harassing opposition parties then to protect innocent taxpayer from gangsters and speeding cyclists.

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The Chansters said...

Different people got different is as simple as friend just went to CMPB for a medical checkup. He is an officer and the medical staff (all the army people) suck up to him all the way being so polite for all the stations that he went to as part of the medical check. Whereas at the same time, the pre-enlistees (future recruits) also also going through the same checkup as him and whenever it came to the enlistees, they get f*cked and scolded to do this and that....Its like the attitude change within seconds. So moral of the story, got to be an important person else your life is screwed.