Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to make your money worth.

Spend last week in Taipei.

Weather was typical spring, unpredictable.

Temperature ranged from 13C – 30C and most day it was raining. But nevertheless I had a great time there. Bought lots of comics and ate till I drop.

I seem to enjoy myself when I am oversea. Call me a bias but I don’t really like the fake concrete jungle Singapore is today. Things are expensive and people think they own the whole countries. Only think on the gahment mind is nothing but $.

In Taipei, cabs are everywhere! It is really quite competitive to be a Cab driver in Taipei.

Also the cab don’t have out super complex fare system too, not peak hours surcharge, no midnight surcharge…. etc.

On the train people actually reserved the Priority Seats for the elderly and people do STAND ON ONE SIDE on the escalator. Try teaching a Singaporean / FT in Singapore to do that is like ramming your head into the wall.

Foods are cheaper and are of better quality then those you get in Singapore. I guess Singapore food are all frozen and imported cheaply so the merchant can survive. Therefore to get good quality food in Singapore you have to pay a bomb.

Comics and clothes are much cheaper then Singapore too.

I guess the killer in Singapore are the rents and the shop owner has no choice to sell their stuff more expensive to pay the landlord.

Conclusion – Singaporean are being short-changed with the quality and services they get from things they buy here. As a big percentage of what you pay for are channeled to the gahment.

My advice, save you money and spent in oversea. You will not regret it.

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