Friday, March 06, 2009

How SAF haress NS-men long after their ROD.

I did not take my IPPT during my last in-camp in Oct 2008 as I was still awaiting my FFI result. The SAF system know I am not allow to take the IPPT until I am FFI cleared. Wow! Quite impressed with MINDEF.

I was cleared of my FFI in Dec 2008 and my IPPT window will close in May 2009.

Sometime in Dec, I received 2 SMS from MINDEF automated system reminding me to clear my IPPT by May 2009.

I check the on-line NS portal then and as what I suspected, my unit has not update my FFI status so MINDEF is still sending me these SMS reminder. Note I can’t even book my IPPT date since my FFI is not clear. Wow! The system so advance.

So I called my unit up and finally MINDEF system was update in Jan 2009 and I booked my IPPT test in Apr 2009.

Thinking this will be automatically updated the MINDEF Super Advance system?


I still keep getting these stupid MINDEF’s SMS reminding me to clear my IPPT before May 2009.

Gosh! I can’t do that now stupid! My IPPT test is in April!!

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