Monday, December 12, 2011

Cyclist problem

Fewer people caught for illegally modifying electric bikes
11 December 2011, CNA

SINGAPORE: Fewer people were caught for illegally modifying their electric bicycles in the first four months of this year.

The number dropped by more than 10 percent to 264 compared to the same period last year.

But some like Mr William Ong were caught repeatedly.

Mr Ong has been caught three times in five months for riding an illegally modified bicycle.

He had paid some S$1,000 for an electric bicycle which had been approved by authorities.

But he was slapped with a S$500 fine for adding a button that powers up the bike automatically.

Mr Ong said he knew it was illegal to do so, but added the modification allows him to ride uphill with ease, because he has leg problems.

He was fined S$300 the first two times when he borrowed his friend's illegally modified bike to ride.

Mr Ong said the modifications were done by someone at a bicycle shop, who had warned him that it is illegal to do so.

But when Channel NewsAsia news team visited the store, the shopkeeper denied having done so.

In a reply to Channel NewsAsia, the Land Transport Authority said merchants who illegally modify electric bicycles may be fined up to S$500.

Repeat offenders may be charged in court.

Fewer people caught do not imply there are fewer offenders. It also can imply that less enforcement is being carried out by LTA or Traffic Police.

There is a increase in motorised bicycle in Pasir Ris and also I have encountered many near missed personally by cyclist riding on pedestrian walk ways.

Many of these cyclists have no proper lightings and travelled in a high speed.

Not once did I see any enforcement.

The police are busy protecting the VIP and I don’t know what LTA suppose to do.

The case above involved Mr Ong is a mockery to the law as well.

He was caught 3 times in 5 months but still no one is stopping him. Shouldn’t he be charged in courts the 3rd time?

LTA please explain why he was not charged as per your reply to Channel News Asia.

Over the years many pedestrian are injured, some fatal, by cyclists travelling on pedestrian walkway and so far the authority are not doing enough to prevent the problem from getting worst.

I am just waiting for the day when a cyclist kills a VVIP doing his walkabout. Till then nothing will be done for peasants (lesser mortals) like us.

So keep a lookout for the killer on wheels next time when you talk a stroll home.