Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What greed had done to this county.

SMRT suspends bus driver as coma victim's condition worsens
20 December 2011

SINGAPORE: Bus operator SMRT has suspended the driver who was said to have braked abruptly and caused a passenger to fall on Sunday. The victim, 54-year-old Madam Ding Weibo, has since slipped into a coma and her condition has apparently worsened.

Mdm Ding's husband, Mr You Bujia, said: "There are now complications with her lungs, and she has started to develop a fever. Her urinary tract is also infected. Her brain has also started to swell, so that's not good news. When my daughter heard the news, she almost fainted."

Mr You said the doctor has told him to be prepared for the worst.

An SMRT spokesperson said the company has an intensive training programme, of up to one-and-a-half months, to ensure its bus captains or what it calls "Service Leaders" (SLs), are equipped with customer service and safe driving skills.

The spokesperson added: "Trainees will go through a Service Proficiency course which comprises operating technical and safety features on the bus, dealing with demanding passengers and emergencies, and understanding the public transport system such as the fare structure and bus schedules, to name a few.

"In addition, SLs are required to undergo a ten-day on-the-job training to familiarise themselves with their bus routes."

After the first year on the job, they also have to attend a two-day refresher course to learn about advanced safe driving techniques.

SMRT also revealed that the driver involved in this incident has worked in the company for two years.

SMRT has suspended the Singaporean driver from his duties, as investigations continue.

This is sad that it causes someone life to surface the problem of lousy training programme and the poor quality of drivers of public transport.

Personally I felt the quality of bus driver had dropped over the years.

I remember when I was young the ride was much smoother and the drivers more helpful.

Nowadays you get unmotivated drivers who drive like shit.

Taxi drivers are not much better, these days I keep getting taxi driver declaring they don’t know the way to where I am going and ask if I know.

Note it is not asking me which why I would like to go and I am not going to some super remote island but these idiots actually are totally clueless!

F you lah! Have some pride and study the street directory if you want to be a taxi driver.

So what happened to our “world class transport system?”

The main reason is they had all became like our Men In White, Money Money Money.

They all want maximum profit so the CEO can get big fat pay cheques.

So they cut down on maintenance, trainings and staff cost.

Therefore trains and tracks break down, drivers get lost, more accidents due to in-experience drivers, etc.

On top of these poor standards, they still increase fares!


You screwed up big time and you still want more profits.

These greedy people have a first class ticket to hell now.