Monday, December 05, 2011

Half hearted effort

Lim Boon Heng 'to work on retaking Aljunied GRC'
ST Online 02 NOV 2011

The ruling party's fight to take back Aljunied GRC is on. To helm the task, it has roped in its former party chairman Lim Boon Heng.

Party sources told The Straits Times that Mr Lim, a former Cabinet minister and MP for Jurong GRC who left politics before the May General Election, has started recruiting People's Action Party (PAP) activists to join a task force to win the group representation constituency back from the Workers' Party.

He met a number of branch activists individually in October, said a source who was invited…….

If you ask me this is a half hearted attempt to “retake” Aljiunied GRC.

First they sending in cry baby Lim Boon Heng who to PAP is a expired Minister which has nothing to lose, lots of money and still a big ego that still need to be fanned.

If they are serious about taking back Aljunied why not let Lee Hsein Loong, Chan Chun Sing or Heng Seng Keat to lead the charge?

I don’t think PAP will want to risk losing another Minister which they are grooming.
In fact I don’t think anyone in the current cabinet is better then George and PAP will still fall no matter who they send to Aljunied during the 2011 GE.

In fact I am just curious which Minister will they send to re-take Aljunied? PAP has not lost a Minister in a GE before and whoever they sending there in 2016 will be risking his million dollar pay check.

So now Lim Boon Heng is working the ground, note PAP did not say he will be the one leading the team in Aljunied, but my guess it will most likely be him if he is still around.

If PAP still continue with their arrogant attitude and still choose to ignore the voices of ordinary Singaporean they will not only risk to lose Aljunied but other GRC in 2016.