Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sad Singapore

Youths arrested for stealing money from newspaper vendor
CNA 14 DEC 2011

SINGAPORE: Police have arrested two youths, aged 11 and 12, for stealing from an elderly newspaper vendor.

Madam Son Ah Hon, 71, sells newspapers at Block 174 Yishun Avenue 7.

The two primary school student suspects stole from her twice on December 2 and 7.

On both occasions, Mdm Son was manning her news stand alone.

Mdm Son said: "I told them I didn't have the newspaper they wanted and told them to leave. After a while, they came back again and kept asking for newspapers. They kept walking around and banging on the back door of the stall. All of a sudden, they grabbed the money and ran. They snatched my purse. One took the cash container, the other took my purse. I screamed for help, but no one came."

The suspects fled with cash totalling nearly $100.

Police arrested the youths on Tuesday.

The two youths are now released on bail pending further investigation.

When I first saw this report during yesterday evening news I was totally disgusted and disappointed with what our youth and society had became.

These 2 bastards not only prey on the weak but they bloody did it twice.

To me they should be shot as I doubt they will be of any use to the society.

I absolutely hate people who prey on the weak, if you have balls, you go and rob the banks or Lee Kuan Yew. Bloody weak ass targeted this old poor woman who still has to work at 71 to feed herself.

These news reported all the sad facts on what our society has become, youth with no moral, seniors still have to struggle to make ends meet and lack of social courage as no one came to help Madam Soh.