Thursday, December 01, 2011

Paying lots for shits

Civil Service 'will adapt as needs change', says top civil servant
Top civil servant calls for more heart in policy making, implementation
ST Online 1 Dec 2011

Singapore's public servants are known for formulating policies with their heads, but they will have to craft policies with more 'heart', and move away from a 'one size fits all' approach.

This is a key way in which the Singapore public service will adapt in response to a changing relationship between the state and its people, said Head of Civil Service Peter Ong on Wednesday.

He was delivering a lecture at Malaysia's Razak School of Government, in the inaugural Chief Secretary Forum meant for heads of civil service from other countries to share their experiences in leading and serving their respective countries.

In his first overseas speech since becoming Singapore's top civil servant last year, Mr Ong emphasised the need for the public service to be nimble in the face of global uncertainties and changes in the citizenry.

Strangely the efficiency and remuneration of Civil Servant are not proportional.

In fact judging from the attitude and pay they should rename Civil Servant to Civil Boss or Civil King.

Sadly we are attracting the wrong kind of people for the top to “Serve” the people.

A good read is this SDP paper on Minister Salaries.