Friday, December 16, 2011

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SMRT CEO apologises for train disruption
16 December 2011 CNA

SINGAPORE: SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa on Friday offered her sincere apologies to all commuters affected in Thursday night's five-hour MRT network breakdown on the north-south line.

Speaking at a news conference Friday afternoon at the SMRT Headquarters, Ms Saw promised a full investigation into what caused the breakdown.

She said SMRT will learn from the incident and improve on giving better information.

"We do apologise especially those who experienced considerable inconvenience... What we can promise is that we will spare no effort in preventing such an occurrence," said Ms Saw.

"I will personally look into improving our incident management plan, especially in the areas of giving timely and better information, as well as crowd management, in both our stations and in the trains," she added.

SMRT cited a possible alignment problem in the rail system as the cause of the disruption, and deployed some 60 staff to test for alignment on Thursday night after the incident.

However, the exact point at which the alignment was off has not been established yet.

The disruption affected 127,000 passengers, and some 1,000 commuters were also trapped in each of the four trains that stalled.

More than 300 staff who were not working at that time were activated to help commuters.

SMRT acknowledged that the rail network has grown, and hence is more complex. It said this made it difficult for the operator to execute its emergency plans.

SMRT said it will review its standard operating procedures.

SMRT also said it will be working to improve its communication strategies. This includes possibly broadcasting recorded announcements in four languages.

SMRT has also apologised for the "income opportunity" template that was used by SMRT Taxi on Thursday following the train disruption.

It said this was a "very bad mistake", and the right template should have said "service disruption".

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