Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When complacency sets in

My company has been utilising the service of a service provider since day one which was a long time ago.

Reason being that they were the only one providing the service then and they did a pretty decent job at a reasonable price.

Many moons have passed and things had changed.

Today there are many companies out there providing the same service at a much more competitive price. But why my company is not switching? Well I guess there is just too much emotional package between the top management.

They will quote relationship, synergy but to me I think it is also because bosses had been moving between my company and this service provided so nobody wants to rock the boat. Things are like that since day one so don’t try to do different thing.

So what do we get? We are getting average service at a premium price and customer support is like shit.

This is because the service provider knows we will use them no matter how bad the treat us.So they see us like a fat cow providing them a stable profit and meanwhile they concentrate to give top services to their new customers.

This is exactly what is happening to PAP.

They started off being a good political party with a good ideology but after being in power for too long they have changed and become complacent.

The think it is their birth right to be running the country and they start to think that the votes they get during elections are their rights and not given by the people.

So they start to do things that benefit themselves rather then for the people.

This is what I call blinded by pride and being too comfortable and therefore getting complacent.

Think its about time they get a wake up call from the people.