Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The first Fear Card from PAP.

The old man has spoken again preaching that he knows more then any of you out there and he is the way to great prosperity and progress for our nation.

And as usual he is playing the fear card.

"In a statement issued just two days before Nomination Day, he reminded Singaporeans not to risk their assets, property values, and job opportunities."

Talking rubbish? So only if PAP must stay in power else our assets are will suddenly become worthless, our property price will crashed and suddenly we will be jobless and our women will be maid in another county. Hmm …. Sound familiar.

PAP is not Singapore. PAP is only a political party in Singapore who are given the opportunity to form the government by the people of Singapore.

"He said the People's Action Party is fielding 24 new candidates of proven character, of high calibre, and with a track record of performance that showed they will not fail in taking on responsibilities."

Check out my entry on these new candidates.

"Furthermore, his successors and their teams built on the foundations and they too had Ministers of integrity and high quality."

Wong Kan Seng? Mah Bow Tan? Vivian Balakrishnan? Yacoob Ibrahim? High quality?

"Mr Lee said young couples are impatient waiting for their homes. And nowhere else in the world can a couple getting married, look forward to a home well below market price and after five years of occupation, sell their homes at a significant premium. "

Major flaw here.

So where to stay after five years when you have that significant premium? You can’t downgrade unless you buy if from the open market or you have to upgrade to private housing. So all your “premium” are gone and you are further enslaved in this country to pay your housing loan. For GOD’s sake just price the bloody HDB flats at a cheaper rate!

"The Minister Mentor reminded Singaporeans they are not living in Disney World."

Yes we only have clowns not Mickey and Donald but we have Woody.

"So his message to the electorate - vote for men and women of proven character and track records of high performance and make the right choice, to secure the future of their children and grandchildren. "

I will certainly do that but I can’t find this person from the PAP yet.

Look like MM is really "trapped in time warp".