Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Walking the Ground

I have been staying in Pasir Ris for the past 5 years and not once did I see my MP nor any of his sidekicks do his walkabout.

The only time I did see DPM Teo was during the pre-election in 2006 when he stand around Paris Ris MRT station to gather support. Still remember clearly as he leg was in a cast due to some badminton accident. Haha…

So seriously how will the person I elected to be in Parliament know my plights if they don’t even bother to reach out the people by walking the ground.

Walking the ground is very important if you really want to know what the problems in your estate are. I meant the real walk the ground not those sterilized by the grass root leaders before the Minister arrived.

If I am the MP I will always do in prompt to walk about so my grass root leaders will not censor the things they don’t want me to see.

Sometime it may not be the MP fault as the grass-root leaders are anticipating too much in advance. But still there is no excuse when you are paid million of dollars a year if you still chose to act blur in how your estate are being run by these useless power craze people in your RC.

At the end of the day if the resident are not happy with your grass-roots then you will not be getting their votes and in the worst case you will not be elected but even so these people in the RC will still keep on working for the next MP.