Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The $3M man.

Can't believe this acutally come out of our PM mouth.

“When you have to make a choice on who goes first and who goes second, then I think that one has to pay attention to who supported the Government more, and who didn’t,” he said.

This shows that PAP already had the mind set that they are the government. They think they are Singapore.

Let us not forget the PAP is only a political party elected by the people who happened to have the majority in the parliament therefore are handed the authority by the people of Singapore to be the government until the next election.

PAP is not Singapore.

Addressing concerns about the lack of private-sector representation in the new batch of PAP candidates, Mr Lee acknowledged that it was tough drawing those from the private sector into politics.

He added that money cannot be used as an incentive to attract them. “If you want to make money, you won’t become a minister. Be a lawyer, be a doctor, be a banker, you’ll do far better.”

What a Joke! In 2008, the annual salary for entry-level ministers was $1,924,300. Persons who have reached the age of 50 years and retired as MPs and who have served in this capacity for not less than nine years may be granted a pension for the rest of their lives.

Looking at Michael Page’s survey average top dog with 10-15 years experience in the Finance Sector earn about $300-400K annually.

This is way below the pay for our entry level ministers.

I think I will rather be a minister even if I am doing far less better per PM Lee.

Responding to a comment from grassroots leader Khartini Khalid, who noted that people have not been pleased with the new candidates, Mr Lee said: “I think there are double standards: people expect less of the opposition; people have higher expectations of PAP candidates. Some candidates are like lightning rods, they attract attention.

That is because none of the new PAP candidates are standing in any of the Single Constituencies and they are most likely getting a firm ticket into Parliament by riding on the GRC system.

“But I have confidence in our candidates. We went through the process very carefully...but I would say, let them prove themselves...If they don’t prove themselves, they will be dropped.”

Meanwhile these newbies are drawing $15K per month of tax payers money and even if they are crab since day one, we have to face with it for the next 5 years. Period!

That is a total of $900,000 without considering service increment and bonuses my friend. I suggest paying newbies MP step up salary. Say paying them 20% of $15K and stepping it up every year until they get the full $15K after they had proven themselves.

Last night, Mr Lee also cleared the air over speculation that the Goods and Services Tax will be raised after the election, saying that “I very much doubt that” the Government would do so.

Yeah right!