Thursday, April 21, 2011

PAP newbies Parrots

Labour candidates criticise opposition

TWO new People's Action Party (PAP) candidates from the labour movement on Wednesday criticised opposition parties for introducing candidates only now, after the announcement of Nomination Day, and for using the elections as training ground for young suicide squads they are sending to GRCs helmed by senior ministers.

NTUC assistant secretary-general and PAP candidate for Aljunied GRC Ong Ye Kung said Singaporeans will have less time to get to know opposition candidates, as a result. By contrast, the PAP introduced its new faces earlier and let the public 'scrutinise us upside down', he said.

Mr Ang Hin Kee, chairman of NTUC's Employment and Employability Institute and a PAP candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC, responded to a Singapore People's Party idea to send a suicide squad to Ang Mo Kio GRC, to take on a PAP team helmed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Mr Ang said the opposition should consider if their aim in contesting was to serve residents or to use Ang Mo Kio as a training ground.

He added that response to the PAP manifesto has been good as residents are happy that the PAP wants to build a future for their children.
ST 20 Apr

I was waiting for the PAP newbies to talk rubbish and presto. These two started the ball rolling after Tin Pei Ling.

Firstly there is seriously wrong with the Union being so close to PAP. Union represent the Singapore workers and their leader work for PAP?

Does not make sense at all. What about conflict of interest my friends?

This 2 parrots are saying that the opposition should name their candidates sooner so the PAP can “scrutinise them upside down”.

Hello does it matter?

It is still a week to nomination day and so what when PAP introduced their candidates earlier? Many people still don’t know who the hell are these newbies and what have they done to make them the special one.

Think Tin Pei Ling is the most famous among the PAP newbies. The rest does not ring a bell to me.

In fact we don’t even know much about some of the existing PAP MPs nor what have they contributed to our nation.

I only know who is Ex Ang Mo Kio’s MP Wee Siew Kim after his famous Elite daughter Wee Shu Min incident.

Christopher De Souza? Hawazi Dapi? Heng Chee How? Hri Kuma Nair? Lam Pin Min? Ong Ah Heng? Zaqy Mohamad?

Who the hell are these people?

These 2 jokers even criticised the opposition for sending “young suicide squads” to GRC helm by Senior Ministers.

So? What is wrong with this?

If the people decided they prefer Sweet Young Things then some Old Farts to represent them in parliament then who are you to say anything? You two have not even win a single vote yet and already you talk like a MP.

Moreover some of these GRC are not tested and until recently we only know only 66% of the people in Ang Mo Kio love the Secretary General of PAP.

Singaporean deserve to have the right to vote and for this I have to thanks all Opposition parties.