Friday, April 08, 2011

Best Job in Singapore is to wear White.

Young PAP chairman Teo Ser Luck said it "takes a while to convince" potential candidates to step up to the plate.

Mr Teo said: "What I try to do is let them see the bigger picture of why they are needed if they have the capabilities and the skills set, why that sacrifice on their part could be necessary. For example, family time and for some even more drastic, their career - you are bound to sacrifice a part of your career."

CNA 06 Apr 2011

Here Teo Ser Luck is talking rubbish.

These people who ends up as MP get at least $15000 a month for doing part time work and when you get into the cabinet it is better then striking the lottery as you are paid millions every year.

Sound like a good sort of drastic sacrifice to ones career here.

Family time scarified, Yes!

Career? Its sure look like a promotion to me.