Monday, August 08, 2011

I scratch you back and you scartch mine OK Tony?

10,000-strong Tan Clan backs Tony Tan for president
By Cai Haoxiang

THE 10,000-strong Federation of Tan Clan Associations has thrown its weight behind former deputy prime minister Tony Tan's bid for the presidency - the first group here to publicly do so.

Secretary-general Tan Lian Ker, 80, explained yesterday that the decision to endorse him over three other aspirants with the Tan surname - Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Tan Kin Lian and Mr Tan Jee Say - was due to Dr Tony Tan's association and contributions to the federation.

Dr Tony Tan, 71, has been its honorary adviser since 2006 and his professional assistance and contributions had enhanced the image of the federation and its members, he added.

Speaking to reporters after a dialogue between federation members and Dr Tan, he said it was only proper the federation back Dr Tan over the others, who are not involved in the clan's umbrella body.

Wah lau eh!!!

Look like the Tan Clan is playing safe and put their money on the favourite horse to win so they can get some kick back if he is elected.

It will be useful if the Tan Clan can disclose how and what each of the Tan candidates contributed to the Clan. Giving MONEY? Using their position to help them? Help to distribute food to the poor?

This way the public can judge for themselves what sort of character President Tan is like and also how much can the Tan clan be bought for.