Thursday, August 11, 2011

Satisfaction for public transport had gone up. Yeah right!

Commuters more satisfied with public transport
Customer Satisfaction Index by SMU's Institute of Service Excellence (ISES) saw an increase of 5.3 points for buses and 3.7 points for the MRT.
Thu, Aug 11, 2011

A study by the Singapore Management University (SMU) has shown that communters here are more satisfied with public transport now, compare to a year ago.

Data from a Customer Satisfaction Index by the university's Institute of Service Excellence (ISES) saw an increase in customer satisfaction with public buses, from 61.1 points to 66.4 points.
Satisfaction with the MRT system also rose by 3.7 points to 67.8 points, reported the Straits Times.

ISES academic director Marcus Lee said the data showed that local residents feel they are getting more value out of their bus rides.

This could be due to the implementation of distance-based fares last year, as well as the addition of bus trips, he added.

This propaganda article is published to support the 1% fare hike in pubic transport.

ISES does not help by not reviewing the sample size nor what people did they sampled from.

As I have mentioned before. I can publish a paper using survey from just 3 people and if 2 out of 3 say the transport system is good the I already score a 60 points.

Moreover I can also more or less tweet the result by selecting the people to do my survey.

For example if I want to find out how good the PAP is and if I want to score a positive points, I will select grassroot leaders and high level civil servant to do my survey.

And if I want a negative result, I will select people from Aljunie and Hougang to do my survey.

So these surveys are useless.

And if you ask me on public transport satisfaction, I will give both the buses and MRT operators 1/100 each.