Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PA and HDB shows PAP's true colour

MND, PA on leasing sites on HDB land in Aljunied
They explained in joint statement the reasons behind leasing 26 sites on HDB land within Aljunied town.

Wed, Aug 24, 2011

The Ministry of National Development (MND) and the People's Association (PA) explained in a joint media statement the reasons behind leasing 26 sites on Housing & Development Board (HDB) land within Aljunied town.

The following is the joint statement.

At the request of the PA in May, the HDB has leased 26 sites on HDB land within the Aljunied Town, to PA for them to organise community activities.

Such requests are not unusual. From time to time, HDB has received similar requests from other Government agencies or civic organisations, including religious bodies. Where they are legitimate, HDB has approved such tenancy requests.

In this instance, PA has explained to HDB the reasons for their request. First, PA has been using such sites frequently to conduct community activities.

PA intends to continue organising such activities in order to carry out their mission of promoting bonding among the residents.

Second, PA has had no difficulty getting access to sites managed by the PAP Town Councils. However in Hougang, PA and the local grassroots organisations have had many difficulties getting access to Town Council sites.

PA was concerned that they might encounter similar difficulties in Aljunied. To avoid unproductive wrangling, PA decided that it would be best if they could lease their own sites.

PA has further assured the HDB that they would ensure that their leased sites would be fully open to all residents so long as the activities were non-political in nature.

HDB had carefully assessed the request and approved it. The Aljunied Town has many open areas. In approving the request from PA, HDB has ensured that there will be sufficient open areas to meet the demand from other users.

Indeed, there have been occasions when organisers of grassroots and community events applied to use sites managed by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), and were told that they were expected to invite the local MP.

It was only on August 19, 2011, that the Chairman of AHTC stated publicly that the town council would not impose any condition on whom the organisers could invite, when using sites managed by AHTC.

PA welcomes this new position of AHTC, and is likewise lifting its current restriction on invitees for events organised by non-GROs on sites leased by PA from HDB, as long as they are of a non-political nature

More on Worker Party’s ELECTED MP being unfairly treated by HDB and PA.

MND and PA issued a press statement trying to justify what they did. Gosh even the loser PAP Desmond had a mini press conference complaining he had difficulties securing venue for his God’s know what even using God’s know whose money in Hougang.

Loser Desmond is not even ELECTED, he is just like you and me, ordinary Singaporean who is serving his master more then the people of Hougang.

PA should states incident on all occasion when and where did they failed to access to Hougang Town Council Sites. They may be already booked for other events in the first place! Idiot!

Stupid PA even slap itself in the face by justify its action of taking over sites in Aljunied so to prevent “unproductive wrangling”.

Stupid HDB shoot itself in the head by handling over these sites without telling anyone. Now they are indeed in deep shit for siding with PA.

Moreover why suddenly PA want to take over sites in Aljunied only? Are you sure only this Town Council is “unproductive”? In fact to be fair you should take over all sites in Singapore and manage them yourself till you faint.

Now who say PA is for Singapore. Just look at who are on the board.