Monday, August 15, 2011

A thought on NDP rally 2011.

I did not actually sit through the entire speech by PM yesterday as I don’t find him sincere and basically he said the same time last year and last last year and even during his GE speech in May.

He really shows us that PAP has disconnected from the people and ok they are trying to connect back but are too lost or proud to do it properly and therefore came across as insincere.

I read his speech carefully and there are a couple of his points that really bother me.

4. So from personal perspective, many citizens feel pressures in daily lives. They ask themselves:
a. Why has my cost of living gone up?
b. Can I or my children afford to buy homes of our own?
c. What about my healthcare costs when I grow old?
d. In sum: Singa¬pore may be progressing, but can I be part of the success story?
5. Fully understand and empathise with concerns. We are tackling them
a. Building more flats
b. Improving public transport
c. Managing inflow of foreign workers and immigrants
d. Will take a while, but things will get better
e. Please be patient

So why did we end up here? Where cost of living gone up? Why there are flat shortage? Expensive health care and long wait for public Health care? Why we have a screwed up Public Transport system? Why influx of Foreign workers?

I tell you why.

Cost of living is up because of high rental set by the government to feed their greed.

Store or office rental gone up and the retailer has not choice but to sell their product at a higher price to keep themselves in business.

Prices of flats gone up due to shortages as flood gates for Foreigners was opened for many years.

Again this to feed the government’s greed.

More Foreign workers here to drive the labour cost down and therefore more profit for those at the top of the food chain.

Why we ends up today are due to PAP’s flaw policies over the years and PM tried to appease us by kicking the clowns Ministers in charge out of the cabinet. This also proved the paying top dollars does not mean you will get top quality person.

47. Even then, slowing down the inflow of foreign workers means accepting lower economic growth
a. Some companies may be deterred from investing or expanding their operations in Singapore, and choose to close-down, move or invest elsewhere
b. Less vibrancy in our economy and society
c. Less resources to improve the lives of Singa¬poreans
d. Fewer opportunities for our people

Putting Singaporean first in the job market is a very sensitive issue as all Singaporean men need to server NS service. (Unless you are some Dr who even ends up as MP for God’s know what reason left the country and skip NS).

I do not agreed that slowing down inflow of foreign wokers means accepting lower economic growth. This is utterly rubbish.

You look at the quality of foreigner in Singapore. Yes there are a few good one but the rest are just crap.

At the lower end they are cheap labour but have no quality.

At the top end they are expensive but also have no quality.
To me you must attract the CORRECT kind of foreigner to help your country grow not any Tom, Dick and Harry there are reject from their own countries that come here as they know we are sucker for foreigners.

The only way for Singapore to grow and be a good place to live in is a drastic change in government policies. If the PAP can’t do it then somebody have to do it.

I will gladly accept a lower pay, slower economy growth for a country with a slower pace, good health care and a wonderful quality of live that enable me to spent time with families, friends and my hobbies.

Till then I will keep a look out for another country beside Singapore.