Monday, August 29, 2011

The invasion

I took the bus home last week. It was later then usual and I happened to be awake on the journey home.

I suddenly had a feeling that I was in a foreign land.

On the bus there were about 40% Singaporean, 40% Filipinos, 10% Chinese National and 10% Indians.

I guess most Singaporean drive these days and now I know why no one bothers about the standard of public transports these days.

I counted at one bus stop there were 20 Filipinos who got off and zero Singaporean.

Everywhere I go I see people from All over the world that come to Singapore to suck it dry. They Foreigners are here, without servicing NS, to compete with Singaporean for Job, Seats on Bus, Seats at hawkers etc etc.

The elites who run this country are still living in their ivory towers.

I wonder how many Foreigners does PM or the President bump into daily in their sheltered world.